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Kevin and Dorraine McCullough


Kevin McCullough grew up in a Christian home, where his parents were active in church ministry. Kevin was born in the Chicago-land area and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.


Kevin graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a BA in Social Welfare and Theology. He was a licensed preacher with the Nazarene church. Kevin’s family’s church background went from Mennonites, Pilgrim Holiness, and Nazarene. Kevin places his loyalty in Jesus and not man made denominations. 

Kevin's first Children's Crusade was in 1980, in Joliet. He traveled throughout the Midwest helping churches reach out to their communities. Once Kevin was married he felt lead to build longer relationships with the churches he was helping, so he started to work as a Children's Pastor/Director. Kevin's family has been very active throughout the Chicago land area in Children/Youth/Family ministries. Stressing outreach, and the demonstration of the love in the Gospel.


Kevin married Dorraine in 1991. They have two children Paul and Maranda, both children have been very active in helping minister at churches and in the community.


It is Kevin’s belief that churches must be willing to get dirty and involved in the day to day lives of people in their community. He has said that we are now living in a post-Christian society. We now have children whose parents never went to church.